NIST Manufacturing Objects and Assemblies Dataset (MOAD)

A collaboration between NIST and the UMass Lowell NERVE Center. This page serves as an access point for all MOAD data collected, as well as instructions for replicating the object scanning rig. This website should also serve as a means for contacting and making suggestions to the groups collecting object data. A Google Sheet containing all the download links for each object is maintained and imported below. 

This release (v1) includes the following data from cameras positioned at five different angles captured in 5° rotational increments for NIST-ATB 1, 2, 3, 4 as well as a competition practice board. There are individual scans of each subcomponent for each board as well as holistic scans of each board in a completed and empty state. 

Additional data is planned to be collected in the future, following a similar methodology to the YCB Object and Model Set:

NIST-MOAD ATB Dataset v1 (Released January 30, 2024)

ATB1 Data:

ATB2 Data:

ATB3 Data:

ATB4 Data:

ATBCOMP Data (Practice Board for ICRA 2024 Competition):

[OLD] NIST-MOAD v0.1 (featuring NIST-ATB #1) released July 10, 2023:


Funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under award 70NANB22H114